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Re: [Icehouse] Twin Win a Coasters game?

  • Fromkerry_and_ryan@xxxxxxx
  • DateFri, 21 Sep 2007 18:32:17 +0000
> I do not, nor does my school, own a set of Cosmic Coasters.

Wait... Twin Win as "a Cosmice Coasters game".  A little simple rewording and away we go:

  Setup: Build five Trees each with three different colors. Place one on the 
  Teleport Pad and one on each Control Points. Deal two Goal cards to each player.  

  How Pieces Move: You can move a piece of ANY color, but you can ONLY move the 
  top-most piece in a stack. You can only move along the lines.  You can ONLY 
  move clockwise, or into and out from the Teleport Pad.