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Re: [Icehouse] Laser-cut Icehouse storage

  • FromSimon Budig <simon@xxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 8 Jan 2008 21:05:04 +0100
David Artman (david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> > From: "Bob Winans" <rwinans@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> > I would have used slots to hold the stash tubes, only because I know that I
> > would invariably knock that nice case on the floor and have everything go
> > flying. Without the dimensions of the case, maybe there isn't enough room to
> > do that... just my ramblings, as my mind whirls at the possibilities.
> I *is* a nice case, but I'd have to agree with Bob regarding all the
> loose items. Plus, if you have no tubes, you can't play Moon Shot, Ice
> Golf, or Drip (some of the cooler dexterity games, IMHO). [Hmmm...
> there's only three "requires one or more tubes" games out there...
> Winter 2009 IGDC design restriction...? Although I have used them for
> "reefs" in Armada....]

Oh, the pyramids are not loose. I have the pyramids-book on top of them
and then there is some foam in the top of the case. I shook the case
vigorously and (as mentioned in the first mail) in some stashes the
bottommost small pyramid started wandering around, in one case a trio of
pyramids in the upper right got a little bit loose.

I would address the small-pyramids issue by making the triangular slots
a little bit bigger, so that the pyramids sit deeper in the plastic and
the small pyramids are better "embedded" in the sheet.

Also, since the book on top of the pyramids is not as stylish  ;)  I
ponder about a padded bag in the case which would serve the double
purpose of holding the pyramids down and providing a tidy place for the

Putting the stashes in their tubes was not so good for me, since this
makes them way less space efficient - you need at least the whole case
for the stashes, leaving no place for additional material. It is true
though: then you don't need an extra plastic inset.

> Not saying "Mine is better'n yours; nyah!" Just pointing out how I feel
> a storage system should also protect that which is being stored; and if
> you get a bad drop and scatter your mids, they are likely to suffer
> unnecessary chips or scratches. Heh... just like clay poker chips in
> such cases, I reckon. :)
The case currently is lined with some thin velvety cloth, I ponder about
replacing it with something that is a bit more padded, especially since
it now does not cover the case sides (since I popped out the wooden
inserts from the poker chips). Putting Foam in the bottom is a bit
doubtful to me though, since this would lift the pyramids from the inset
when the case is opened, making them sit in there very loosely, making
it harder to grab/replace a stash. If at all it probably would have to
be a thin layer. Plenty of foam on top is a good thing though.

> But it *is* a cool-looking case and dazzling presentation, when opened.

Yes. It is even better looking at it in the real world  :-))

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