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Re: [Icehouse] Laser-cut Icehouse storage

  • FromCarl Worth <cworth@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 08 Jan 2008 08:52:21 -0800
On Tue, 08 Jan 2008 09:31:52 -0700, David Artman wrote:
> I *is* a nice case, but I'd have to agree with Bob regarding all the
> loose items. Plus, if you have no tubes, you can't play Moon Shot, Ice
> Golf, or Drip (some of the cooler dexterity games, IMHO).

I've gone back and forth about the tubes. Originally, I carried my
pyramids tubeless, (but packed fairly tight), in a small case and I
liked that.

More recently, I've been carrying things tubed up and the tubes all
thrown fairly loosely into a small bag. And I have taught both Moon
Shot and Drip with some good success with that, (I should take another
look at Ice Golf sometime).

But one thing that still annoys me about the tubes is getting at the
pyramids I need. I still go back and forth between keeping each tube
filled Treehouse-like or single-color. And invariably if I want to
play a game like Icetowers requiring single colors I find my tubes all
Treehoused, and when I keep the tubes holding single-color stashes
someone asks to play Martian Coasters.

So when Simon showed me his case photos earlier, he mentioned how easy
it is to pull out a single row of pyramids and leave the others
undisturbed. And that definitely sounds appealing. There's still the
rows-vs-columns conundrum for colors, but it looks easier to handle
the "wrong" arrangement with Simon's case rather than with tubes.

Meanwhile, I've twice found that a tube lid has popped off leading to
a bunch of spilled pyramids at the bottom of my bag. But fortunately I
haven't lost anything to that yet.


PS. But any excuse for doing laser-cutting is super-cool anyway. I'm
quite looking forward to services like ponoko.com growing up and
becoming affordable enough that I can get custom-shaped acrylic any
time I feel like it.

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