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Re: [Icehouse] IGDC rankings idea

  • From"Jorge Arroyo" <trozo@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 20 Feb 2008 18:41:47 +0100

On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 6:26 PM, Dale Sheldon <dales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Wikipedia has a pretty good set of articles about voting methods.  For the
curious, this is a good place to start with evaulating different methods
by the criteria they fulfill.

The article is interesting, but with such a low number of voters as we get, is there a method that is non-exploitable? Is there an article that states the minimum number of voters each method need to get reliable results?

BTW, what about the system the Eurovision contest uses? In Eurovision contests there are as many "judges" as participants. Each judge gives points from 1 to 10 to tent candidates (1 point for one, 2 points to another, 3, etc... up to 10 points to the last one), although there are many more than 10 total candidates. Applied to the Icehouse contest what if each judge were to give points from 1 to 5 to 5 entries, how would it work? Would it be fair?