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Re: [Icehouse] Playing with Pyramids suggestions

  • From"Avri Klemer" <avri@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 18 Dec 2008 09:25:35 -0500
Pikemen and Blam! are my favorite 4 stash games (5 Treehouse tubes).
Easy to teach, play pretty fast, endlessly entertaining for 2, 3 or 4 players.

You might also want to try my own Penguin  Soccer . . .

All three of these games use just Icehouse pyramids and a chessboard.


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Subject: [Icehouse] Playing with Pyramids suggestions

I'm on the look out for some great Pyramid games. I have five tubes of the Treehouses (and I'm looking to get the Grey and Pink colors eventually), so I was wondering what games would be an absolute blast to play with about 2-6 people?

The games I already play with great fierceness are Zendo, Martian Coasters, Treehouse (of course), Zark City, Martian Chess, the 3house games (with the exception of Homeworlds. Just can't seem to get into the spirit of it) and even a game that required an Aquarius deck.

So what say you fellow Icehouse fans?

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