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  • FromJoshua Kronengold <mneme@xxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 1 Apr 2009 14:18:38 -0500
tbaileysr@xxxxxxxxx writes:
>My point was it doesn't matter when it occurs in a game chekmate is
>the end thus end game. 

As Dale mentioned, the two terms are similar looking, but don't mean
the same thing.

Endgame is a chess-derived term referring to the stages of a game
-- opening, midgame, endgame.  It refers to the lifecycle of the
game, and to different gaming skills.  A chess game can end in the
opening or endgame--in fact, if you have a weak endgame, you probably
will try to make this happen. (this is "game" as referring to skills
to have a "weak engame" means your game (your skills) aren't well
suited to the engame).

A checkmate is the end of the game, but it's not the endgame; at that
point the game is over and the terms opening, midgame, and endgame
don't have any meaning any more for it.

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