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Re: [Icehouse] Wherefore 3HOUSE?

  • From"Ryan McGuire" <ryanmcguire@xxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 25 Apr 2010 23:21:38 -0400
AS FAR AS I KNOW there are no current plans for making a separate
consolidated 3House set.  You'll just have to buy the piece separately.
...or did I miss a recent announcement about some sort of 3House boxed set?

The Book: http://store.looneylabs.com/3HOUSE
Rainbow: http://store.looneylabs.com/Rainbow-Treehouse
Xeno: http://store.looneylabs.com/Xeno-Treehouse?sc=2&category=776

If you're putting together 3House sets for two people that will likely game
together a lot, buy either six Rainbow or six Xeno sets.  That way they'll
have the pyramids needed for all the games designed for the original
Icehouse sets, which had five nests of each of four colors.

If you want to play Volcano, you'll need what yo might call "5House" plus
five smalls of another color.  You could buy one set of Pink Treehouse
(http://store.looneylabs.com/Pink-Treehouse) to get the 5 extra smalls.  If
you think you might go with route either immediately or some time in the
future, you may want to start with the Xeno Treehouse sets.  The pink pieces
are just a little too low-contrast with the red ones from the Rainbow set.
But that's just me.

I hope this helps.


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I'm thinking that at least two or three of my family members need 3HOUSE
sets for Christmas this year. Is it still coming, or been dropped? Yes, I do
realize I can make my own.

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