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[Icehouse] "Best of 2009" Procedure

  • FromS Myers <iamthecheeze@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 17 Jun 2010 23:02:26 -0400
We now have our 3 best contenders fFor the Best Amateur Icehouse Game
of 2009.  (Or, it seems that way right this moment.  The dust is still
settling, but I think we have reached a consensus.)

Crosswalk, Quicksand, and Stack Control.

Last thing to be done is sort out some procedures.  It's easy to over
think this stuff, but some a decisions need to be made.  I'm willing
to go along with whatever.  Here's some things to put on the record
and commit to:

Voting should be done as simply as possible: small slips of paper
which list the 3 games, and say "pick your 1 fFavorite."  Place your
vote in a ballot box, to be counted Saturday afternoon.  The winner is
the one with the most votes.

We will need printed copies of the rules to all 3.  Easy enough.

I previously mentioned I could print up some nice promotional poster
things to have around the table, so people know what this is.

Did we ever decide on an official name?  I recall "Apex" being both
loved and hated.  I like "Apex Ice Award for Best Amateur Icehouse
Game Design" Not actually that important, probably.  But we should
agree to something.

Stack Control requires a chess board, Quicksand requires a set of
Martian Coasters, and Crosswalk needs 1d6.  I can supply some
chessboards and probably dice, and maybe the Looneys could donate some
coasters?  There's generally some in the lab anyway, so maybe one or
two sets could live at the voting table.

I am in fFavor of having the rules available to play some of the other
semi-finalists, as well.  We have some really great submissions, and I
think it might help people who are interested in the system to see
that there's really a lot of great possibilities.  Not to distract or
dilute the voting, mind you (Although, maybe: An option to write in
votes towards those not appearing on the ballot?)  Useful, because I
think this is really about all the awesome game designers.

And lastly, we need a trophy prize of some sort.  I thought of asking
a glassblower I know to make something interesting.


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