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Re: [Icehouse] "Best of 2009" Procedure

  • FromBryan Stout <stoutwb@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 18 Jun 2010 00:06:13 -0400
Here are some of my responses, leaving longer comments for last:

Award name: That may have been determined by what was printed in the
Lab Report.  I've asked what they put, and am waiting to hear back
from them.

Supplies: In addition to chessboards, dice and Martian Coasters, we
also need Volcano boards for Crosswalk.

Rules: I think it would be nice to have 3-fold fliers for each game,
similar to what was done for Zark City or Nothing Beats a Large.

Poster: Sound good.  Could you post a link to a a sketch of what your
were thinking?

Semi-finalists: I'm willing to have semi-finalists be available, too.
They'd need their own fliers and supplies, of course.

Trophy: I've started checking local trophy shops about making a 1-off
trophy, similar to what I posted a while ago.  It will cost less than
$10, so I was willing to cover it myself.  But what did you have in
mind?  We all might like that better.

Voting: Actually, there several issues about this, so I'll save it for
a separate response.

VOLUNTEERS: We need volunteers to do several tasks.  Some tasks may
take more than one person, so look this over and see how you'd like to

- Provide game supplies: Scott

- Write rules fliers: Bryan (maybe)

- Copy rules fliers:

- Make poster: Scott

- Make trophy: Bryan?, Scott?

- Set up table:

- Demo/play games: Bryan (when free, which may not be much)

Sign on up!

On Thu, Jun 17, 2010 at 11:02 PM, S Myers <iamthecheeze@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> We now have our 3 best contenders fFor the Best Amateur Icehouse Game
> of 2009.  (Or, it seems that way right this moment.  The dust is still
> settling, but I think we have reached a consensus.)
> Crosswalk, Quicksand, and Stack Control.
> Last thing to be done is sort out some procedures.  It's easy to over
> think this stuff, but some a decisions need to be made.  I'm willing
> to go along with whatever.  Here's some things to put on the record
> and commit to:
> Voting should be done as simply as possible: small slips of paper
> which list the 3 games, and say "pick your 1 fFavorite."  Place your
> vote in a ballot box, to be counted Saturday afternoon.  The winner is
> the one with the most votes.
> We will need printed copies of the rules to all 3.  Easy enough.
> I previously mentioned I could print up some nice promotional poster
> things to have around the table, so people know what this is.
> Did we ever decide on an official name?  I recall "Apex" being both
> loved and hated.  I like "Apex Ice Award for Best Amateur Icehouse
> Game Design" Not actually that important, probably.  But we should
> agree to something.
> Stack Control requires a chess board, Quicksand requires a set of
> Martian Coasters, and Crosswalk needs 1d6.  I can supply some
> chessboards and probably dice, and maybe the Looneys could donate some
> coasters?  There's generally some in the lab anyway, so maybe one or
> two sets could live at the voting table.
> I am in fFavor of having the rules available to play some of the other
> semi-finalists, as well.  We have some really great submissions, and I
> think it might help people who are interested in the system to see
> that there's really a lot of great possibilities.  Not to distract or
> dilute the voting, mind you (Although, maybe: An option to write in
> votes towards those not appearing on the ballot?)  Useful, because I
> think this is really about all the awesome game designers.
> And lastly, we need a trophy prize of some sort.  I thought of asking
> a glassblower I know to make something interesting.
> Cheers!
> --Scott
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