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Re: [Icehouse] "Best of 2009" Procedure

  • From"Jeff Wolfe" <jwolfe@xxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 18 Jun 2010 14:54:10 -0400
I think we should keep everything as simple as possible.

Voting: Choose one; most votes wins.  Maybe give a "None of the Above"
option.  I don't want NOTA to win in the first year, but this is another way
to encourage participation (and measure participation).  If someone plays
all three but doesn't like any of them, then we will at least know they
played them all if they submit a NOTA ballot.

Having people rank all three choices might actually discourage
participation.  If they don't know if they'll have a chance to play all
three, they might skip it rather than risk submitting an "incomplete"

Name: I remember Kristin posting a picture of the Lab Report with "Ice
Awards" listed.  I prefer the name ICE Awards for the reasons I listed

Rules: We should have several copies of the rules for each game.  If two
groups want to play at once, they'll each need a copy, and we need to have
one copy to lose.  For that matter, someone should have a master copy hidden
away in case they all get lost or stolen.  Also, the copies we lay out
should clearly be marked that they stay in the Lab so people don't
mistakenly think they can take them.

Semi-finalists: I think we should keep the focus on the finalists, and only
bring those games to the contest.  Plus, less work for everyone.

Equipment: Everything we need should be available in the Lab, so I wouldn't
worry about that part.

Anti-ballot-stuffing: There might be some confusion between badge number and
Test Subject numbers.  Plus, do we want to require someone get a Test
Subject number if they don't already have one?  I don't know.  Maybe it's
okay.  Maybe we could say "Badge number or Test Subject number" and let them
put either one.  I'm not really worried about cheating.  We have three good
games, and frankly, I don't really care which one wins.  If we have them
specify something, whatever that is, then it stops the obvious, blatant
cheating, and I think that will be enough.  I definitely think we shouldn't
impose upon the TDs or any other working rabbits/Looney-Techs on this.

Ballots: There's no task for make ballots.

Email ballots: Ryan's GeekList said that Bryan is coordinating.  Can you
receive email at Origins, Bryan?  What about GeekMail?  I think we should
set the deadline for email/online ballots to be the night before, so we
don't have to worry about getting online access at the last minute.  I'm
local (and commuting), so if it's a problem maybe we could have people send
their stuff to me.  I could check my email/BGG on Saturday before I go
downtown for the day.

Posters, award, everything else: You guys are doing a great job, and I won't
get in your way.  Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to help either,
but I'll do what I can on-site.  Schedule permitting.

- Jeff