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  • FromBart Janssens <bartjanssens@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 02 Apr 2011 23:01:57 -0400
Kory Heath, the original creator of Zendo, has a number of pages of design history, tips, and suggestions at his website:

He gave some thoughts on this very topic:

(scroll down to the last section, titled 'Zen and the Art of Zendo'.

Bart Janssens
On 4/2/2011 8:20 PM, Jody Chandler wrote:
As a tangent off of that article, which is nice, I always sort of disliked the use of the Zen Buddhism as the theme for this game, even though I love the game itself.  1) The way koans work in the game doesn't bear much resemblance to the actual use and purpose of  Zen koans.  2) As someone who is genuinely interested in Buddhism and highly respectful of the search for genuine enlightenment, I find it a little uncomfortable for a game mechanic to put me in the role of a Zen disciple, especially given point 1. I think exploitation is probably too strong a word, but maybe flippancy is the feeling I always get. 

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