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Re: [Rabbits] Arisia (Boston, MA)

  • FromJoshua Kronengold <mneme@xxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 12 Jan 2006 19:38:32 -0600
Brian Campbell writes:
>Great! I've currently got us signed up to do Looney Labs card games  
>at 6:30-8:30 on Friday and Icehouse games at 11 AM - 1 PM Saturday.  

I'd kinda like not to conflict with the Barryaran LARP on Friday.  Beyond that
I'm good.

>Those times are tentative, so if you have any strong opinions on  
>them, let me know so I can see about changing them, and I'm also  
>trying to find a good time and venue for Giant Icehouse.

Tricky, given what they did with the ballroom this year, yes.

Why, *snark* they couldn't even hold a ball there *snark*.

>Giant Icehouse demo be a masquerade halftime event, but I think I'm a  
>little too stage-shy to pull that off on my own, and am not sure it  
>would really be the right venue; what do you think?

I don't think so.  It's too participatory, not enough
audience-friendly.  Now, people walking in with Giant Icehouse setso n
their head, sure, but...

>As far as the card games go, I have Fluxx, Eco-Fluxx, NanoFictionary  
>(which I actually haven't played yet), and Aquarius. I mentioned  
>Chrononauts in the event description, and then realized that I left  
>it at home, so if someone else can bring it, that would be great;  
>otherwise, I guess I'll just buy another copy from one of the  
>vendors, if they're open yet. 

LOL.  Oops.

I've also got Just Deserts with me, actually, since it stayed in my
Black Looney Bag when I dumped several non-loony games in on my way
out the door today.

(BTW, I'd appreciate if you'd CC me if you can, since I don't forward
rabbits posts to the phone).

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