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Re: [Rabbits] Are you a werewolf? Question

  • FromDavid Mc <davidmcc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 02 Jul 2006 05:03:48 -0400

In this same vein, I think
it's sometimes a bad idea to reveal that the seer has been killed. I just take the card and say "yup... you lynched a villager, not a werewolf." The seer is, after all, a special villager, but is a villager nonetheless.

This works especially well when various people are proporting to be the seer - as the moderator, I don't
blow their cover.


I NEVER reveal the role of the victim and go through the whole script every night, even if the Seer has died.

It keeps everyone guessing and makes the game more interesting.

The villagers don't know that they have won until a night passes with no deaths.
The Werewolves don't know they have one until it's announced.

I've researched the game on the web and found some additional roles that make things even more fun:

The Witch - Has the power to bring a Victim back once per GAME. May also kill someone once per GAME. Including him/her self. "Witch, wake up (narrator point at the victim) do you wish to save this victim?" (Witch answers silently) "Do you wish to poison someone?" (Witch answers silently by pointing to new victim or shaking head)

The Hunter - If the hunter is killed, he/she may kill one other person in "revenge"

The Masons - Either two (less than 12 players) or three ( more than 12 players) in a game. Wake them up on the first night before the Werewolves. They all know each other and know they are not Werewolves. [ Makes another group that will try to protect its members and stand up for each other. ]

The Matchmaker and the Lovers - The Matchmaker is awakened on the first night before the Werewolves and chooses two Lovers. After that, the Matchmaker becomes a normal villager. The Lovers are then awakened by a tap on the shoulder to "meet". If one of the Lovers is killed, the other commits suicide in a fit of grief. [ This can get interesting, as the Lovers could end up being a Werewolf-Villager couple and will try to defend each other against lynching ]

The Mayor - Elected by everyone on the first day, before the first night. Gets TWO votes when choosing a lynching victim. When the Mayor is killed, he/she chooses the new Mayor. [ This can get really weird if a Werewolf is the Mayor ]

So in summary:
First day - elect Mayor.
First Night only - wake up Masons to see each other; wake the Matchmaker to choose the Lovers; wake the Lovers so they can fall in love. Every night (including the first) - wake the Werewolves, then the Seer, then the Witch.

This can be played by a larger group, just add Werewolves and Villagers.
5+ Players 1 Werewolf,
7+ 2 Werewolves,
12+ 3 Werewolves and
19+ 4 Werewolves