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Re: [Rabbits] Are you a werewolf? Question

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I think it became a Con game mostly because games get really really stale when played with the same people over and over.

For instance.. while I have a weekly game group at home.. I can't wait for cons to play a game with strangers. The need not to be able to look around the group and know whats happening before it happens is the winner for me. I can read my friends like LARGE type books and most games with them after the first or second play through are about as fun as pushing nails under my cuticles. Not that theres not alot of games around us to keep it interesting but the more you can read them the less " hmm I wonder " involved.

What I like about AYAW? at cons is that you get alot of cross genre interest. At DragonCon for instance you'll see Klingons, and LOTR fans, and Battle Star Galatica people and hardcore LARPer's all sitting in the same circle. No where else at that con will you see them getting along like that or even sharing that close a space. Theres just too much competeition amongst the tracks at D.C. and its nice to see that stymied even for just a few hours playing a group game.

As I said in another post.. I was really disappointed with the way this game was handled at Origins.. That might be my last Origins.. I'll stick with the southern cons.

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Moral of the story for me?  I won't play in a game of 30, but I won't
worry about whether or not they happen, I probably won't play in a
game of 15, I may play in a game of 7 or 9.  It sounds like a lot more

For me it's even less that as it is that I don't like to play at cons. The game is VASTLY better with people you know, since it's all about reading people and hiding your true intentions. I wouldn't play 30 under any circumstances, and I prefer 8 or 9, but I'll play in a game of 10-15 if the players are all good friends.

I really don't understand how it became a con game.

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