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Re: [Rabbits] Are you a werewolf? Question

  • FromRoss Andrews <lists@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 4 Jul 2006 02:19:50 -0500
I think it became a Con game mostly because games get really really stale when played with the same people over and over.

For instance.. while I have a weekly game group at home.. I can't wait for cons to play a game with strangers. The need not to be able to look around the group and know whats happening before it happens is the winner for me. I can read my friends like LARGE type books and most games with them after the first or second play through are about as fun as pushing nails under my cuticles. Not that theres not alot of games around us to keep it interesting but the more you can read them the less " hmm I wonder " involved.

See, that's what makes it good. Ideally your friends get better at faking you out and you get better at faking them out, and you get to know them a lot better. It's a good (though not perfect) party game because of that. If I only see a person for a couple days each year then I'm forced to basically vote at random because I don't know how these people act. I guess your friends are maybe just not very good at the game.

As I said in another post.. I was really disappointed with the way this game was handled at Origins.. That might be my last Origins.. I'll stick with the southern cons.

What in particular went wrong?