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Re: [Rabbits] music for demo

  • From"Black Paladin" <owaru@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 26 Jul 2006 08:33:44 -0400
On 7/26/06, posyden <handofposyden@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
so what I'm asking from you guys is for your favoirte "hippie artists" both past and present

Try for some of the more esoteric 60s/70s prog rock groups.  Marillion and Renaissance spring immediately to mind, as does some of the lighter stuff from ELO and ELP (ELP's cover of Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" provides some particularly nice "classical yet still hippie-esque" background ambience.

In addition, there's Jefferson Vehicle-of-choice, some of the "lighter" (if it can be called that) Hendrix stuff, Simon & Garfunkel, even some Van der Graff Generator would work.  I think the key is to choose stuff that's intriguing enough to add to the mood, but not involved enough that it will distract people's attention away from the games.


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