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Re: [Rabbits] Demoing at otherRabbit's turf?

  • From"Kimberly Terrill" <kiter5@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 16 Nov 2006 15:10:50 -0500
I would love to be able to do a regular demo at the store we play at. And I'd love to get a regular Chrononauts game going. Maybe I can do a reg. weekly chrono and once a month have a L.L. Demo Add on?
I'd love to read an advice column about that. can you point me to one? How to present it to the store owner and how to work it out and run it.?

On 11/16/06, Kristin <kristin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:This is great advice, Bob - perfect for a 'how to set up a regular
demo event at your local game store' advice column.  Would you like
to contribute to such an article?  Anyone else want to help write
something like this?

Thank you for being a Demo Rabbit!


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