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RE: [Rabbits] Donate Games to Ziggurat Con in Iraq

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 20 Apr 2007 07:43:42 -0700
> whatever is most appropriate, for the same value. Thinking about it
> now, I suppose it would also work to donate Rabbit points by putting
> in a ZigguratCon order for some low value item, like a flower or
> something (so that you get charged shipping) and then using your
> Rabbit points to eliminate shipping. This will enable the points to
> actually be subtracted from your Rabbit account. Once again, yes, it's

Nah, no big hassle, to me. If that's what it takes, then fine. Going to
do so now....

OK, folks, the simplest way I found was to go to the Short Run Depot and
order a number of Sticker 10-packs equal to (Rabbit Points - 3). The 3
will be the (washed out) shipping, and it seems the Stickers Packs
enable "full" Rabbit Point application.

Then, in the Special Instructions, just write something akin to what I
"I AM NOT PURCHASING THESE STICKERS! Please convert all Rabbit Points to
dollar value, to put towards the bulk purchase for our troops' Ziggurat
Convention. THANK YOU!!!"

As Alison has said, they will "strip" the order of shipping and the
Stickers, applying the Rabbit Points on a 1 Point = $1 basis. Alison
can confirm or deny whether that value will, in turn, be applied
against a discounted price or full MSRP. If the former then the dollar
value should be multiplied by 125% (the inverse of 20% off; e.g. $4 has
an effective buying power of $5).

If not discounted... well, no matter (to me), because LL basically isn't
"earning" anything from Rabbit Points expenditures... though, yes, full
MSRP with Points effectively "devalues" the points, which, in the end,
would save them money as compared to one using the Points to buy
something for oneself. I think--this is straying into some "voodoo
economic" principles of lost earnings and virtual profits and other
bizness babble.

SO... I have submitted that "purchase" and I trust them to do what's
best for the troops while not overextending themselves. After all, I'm
the one banging the drum (beating the dead horse?) for new Icehouse
products, which can't happen until they have investment capital; it's
against MY best interests for them to sink too much of their own
capital into these donations.

Hope this helps folks figure out the right method for their own