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Re: [Rabbits] Convention Roster

  • FromMarc Hartstein <marc.hartstein@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 19 Jul 2007 14:29:32 -0400
On Thu, Jul 19, 2007 at 02:01:17PM -0400, Christopher Hickman wrote:
> > while the Wiki can duplicate this functionality, it doesn't look
> > like it lends itself to presenting nearly as nice a UI to it.
> >
> > If all that's preventing this from becoming a reality is programmer
> > time/cost, I'm willing to donate my time to see it happen.
> Why don't you spend that time making decent looking badge-style templates
> for user's Wiki pages, so it *can* be easy on the wiki?

Because I know little about Wiki and nothing about Wiki templates.  What
I do know about Wiki suggests that it handles document-oriented data
with hyperlinks very nicely, allowing them to be generated and updated
easily.  I've never heard anything to suggest that it handles
tabular/relational data particularly well.

Also, although I may have missed it, I've heard nothing to suggest that
all the roster functions currently hosted at looneylabs.com are intended
to migrate to the Wiki.

Actually, more to the point, I have nothing against doing it through the
Wiki if that's the technology which makes the most sense.  Can you show
me an example of a "badge-style template", or give me a good
description, so I can understand how that creates the functionality I'm
looking for?


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