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  • DateSun, 16 Sep 2007 10:08:57 -0400
Glad to see i'm not the only one.  I also sent an email to Andy and Kristin about the issue.

The blog mentioned in a recent news post is where he probably noticed the site.  He tried to leave a similar comment on the blog entry about Looney Labs (that hasn't been approved).

Glad to know he doesn't have my private email address.  I wasn't sure how the Rabbit Roster messaging worked.


On 9/16/07, David Tyberg <dfunkmale@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I already forwarded this to Kristin.  I dunno if there's any legal
action that can be taken based on libel or slander laws.

William M. Reed wrote:
> I forgot to include the email.  duh.
> Dear Rabbits,
> I got the following email today.  I'd advise you not to respond.
> Remember he didn't get your personal email but he could if you reply
> directly to him.  I'm not making any comment on his position, but
> wanted to warn you before you gave him personal info.
> William M. Reed
> St. Joseph Montessori School
> wreed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto: wreed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>> This was sent to you from non-rabbit user John McCarty
>> Dear fellow educator:
>> My name is John McCarty, a fifth grade teacher with seven years
>> experience in Missouri. I have nearly completed an Education
>> Specialist degree in administration, which has included legal courses.
>> The reason for this note is to point out, if you were not aware, that
>> Looney Labs uses its popular Fluxx game to advocate for marijuana.
>> Stoner Fluxx, suspiciously not listed on Fluxx's main page, uses the
>> same basic rule set as any other Fluxx game you may use in the
>> classroom. This means that by teaching children to use Fluxx, you are
>> de facto teaching them to play Stoner Fluxx. You can see to possible
>> legal problems here, as a parent who discovers their child playing
>> Stoner Fluxx and is understandably upset (instead of "playing the
>> game with them" as Looney Labs ludicrously suggests) will be mad
>> enough to call their lawyer when they find out that the child learned
>> to play Fluxx in the classroom.
>> Furthermore, your position as a "Rabbit" for the company puts you in
>> jeopardy. Proceeds from this game have been used to donate thousands
>> to legalizing marijuana. In Missouri, moral turpitude is enough
>> grounds for dismissal. I understand laws are similar in most states.
>> Having your name associated with Stoner Fluxx is dangerous to your
>> career. It is sad that Looney Labs have taken such a kid friendly and
>> intelligent game and chosen to use it to advocate for an illegal and
>> immoral drug.
>> I have informed and continue to inform numerous companies,
>> associations, and news agencies about the duplicity of Looney Labs
>> selling this game to educators with one hand and drug addicts with
>> the other. Please consider this letter fair warning.
>> John McCarty
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