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  • From"Don Sheldon" <don.sheldon@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateSun, 16 Sep 2007 14:29:28 -0400
On 9/16/07, Chris Goodwin <cgoodwin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> This was sent to you from non-rabbit user John McCarty
> John McCarty posts at EN World as firebeetle and is the author of an
> RPG supplement called "A Turn of Events: Action Cards for Adventurous
> Souls", published by a company called Silverthorne Games.

Are you sure it's the same guy?  There are probably a lot of John
McCarty's out there.  OK, maybe not a lot, but there might be more
than one.  I remember when I learned there was someone else with my
name.  Apparently he's a grandfather living in Florida.  (He's
grandkids accidentally sent me ICQs back in '98.)

Point being, the internet's a big place and names aren't always unique
no matter how, err, um, "unique" they may be.

- |) () /\/
  but if you have other information confirming that it's the same guy
which you just didn't mention, that's cool and I totally stand