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Re: [Rabbits] Monty Python Fluxx Question

  • FromChristopher Hickman <tophu@xxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 23 Dec 2008 15:58:05 -0500
On Tuesday, December 23, 2008, at 03:46PM, "Don Sheldon" <don.sheldon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>On 12/23/08, Christopher Hickman <tophu@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> >I don't know about your experience, but their normal oaktag would not
>> >have survived.
>> I bought it fifteen years ago and never found anyone to play with me, so mine's in great shape. ;)
>I'll give you ten (it came out in 98 according to BGG).  Unused you
>say?  Hmmm...  Do you, like, still want it?

It seemed more like fifteen.  I must have picked it up when it was just released.  I'd love to play it, but then again, I have a whole walk-in closet full of games, a good 15% for which I've never found players...