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  • From"Ryan McGuire and Kerry Breitenbach" <kerry_and_ryan@xxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 2 Aug 2008 09:54:04 -0400
I'm with Topher here with the exception of his exception of coffee.

Alcohol - Yummy.
Cabbage, brussels sprouts, kale - Yummy enough.
Coffee - Love the taste, Luh-huv the smell.*
Grapefruite Juice - Regular or pink... Yummy.
Green tea - It's no black tea, but still basically yummy.
Spinach - I can't remember a week this decade when I haven't had some.
Soy products - They're ok.  A little to bland to be Yummy per se.

I bet I have at least one item from each line in the house right now.

* The smell of coffee. I don't know if I have some sub-conscious relation between the smell and pleasant memories, but the smell of coffee just makes me feel like everything is alright with the world.** It doesn't get me excited, and it doesn't relax me to sleep. I guess it just puts me in "the zone".

** Pardon me while I go off on a tangent...
I also have an "everything is alright with the world" sound: A distant train whistle. That, however, is relate to specific memories from the 6-12 year old range, all of them pleasant. Even now, hearing the big industrial/commercial train horn about five miles from our house helps me get to sleep at night.
Ok, I'm back from said tangent.


From: "Christopher Hickman" <tophu@xxxxxxx>
Subject: [Something] Supertaster
On Friday, August 01, 2008, at 01:36PM, "Andy Looney" <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
this fortnight in our news...

Andy may be a supertaster, but I certainly am not. With the exception of coffee, that list of "problem foods" sounded like a delicious shopping list!

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