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One test for "taster/non-taster" (I'm not sure if it's for what's being called a "supertaster" or not) is often done in Biology classes during a genetics unit.  (has anyone else done this?)

Students get a small strip of paper, on which is a susbstance (PTC) that is very bitter to those who can taste it.  Some speculation is that if you are a homozygous for the ability to taste (TT instead of Tt or tt), then it is a more intense bitter taste.  This might be an indication of a "supertaster."

I did this experiment in my classroom - I can't taste it, so it's fun to see the reactions of the kids who can taste it... and their amazement when I don't react to the bitterness.

As per the supertaster stuff - I like some alcoholic beverages [no thanks on the beer], dislike Brussels sprouts[nastly little things], tolerate cabbage and kale [prefer spinach and lettuce], love coffee, grapefruit juice, green tea, and spinach[salads mostly, cooked: best on pizza or in lasagna] and I like soy sauce... and as for other soy products, sure... whatever.  I dislike chili peppers, tonic water, and olives, but that's just me.


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this fortnight in our news...

Andy may be a supertaster, but I certainly am not.  With the exception of coffee, that list of "problem foods" sounded like a delicious shopping list!

Perhaps I am one.  The only food on the list I like is cabbage.

And that includes hot foods and tonic water; I can't handle a lot of spice.  Mild is about the strongest of most things I can take.  It was worse when I was a kid; mustard and onions were too strong for me then.

I was a very picky eater.

Chris Goodwin

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