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  • DateFri, 12 May 2006 14:34:13 -0700

I bought a pack of Fluxx Blanxx when I bought my Fluxx game originally, even though I didn't have any customization ideas yet, because it was hard enough to find a store that carried them at all. The first blank I used on the Borders Bonus, which I printed on label stock and stuck on a blank Rule Card.

I have added a few new keepers and goals since then, some based on bonus cards the Looneys have sent us. Since most of the people I play with are playing for the first time, they take my handmade cards as just part of the game.

I will probably be in the market soon for a new pack of Blanxx as I am running out of both Keeper and Rule cards, but I don't know what I'd do with a complete Blanxx deck.
Elise Dee Beraru

---- S Mattison wrote:
> Perhaps they(LL) don't make such a thing, because they don't see us as
> a large enough playing group? I mean, Fluxx is only a subset, only one
> of their products, and people-who-buy-blanxx are only a subset of all
> fluxx players (supposedly! The people who don't buy blanks have never
> seen KT's and HH's sites, imho!)
> http://lists.looneylabs.com/pipermail/edu/2006-April/000054.html
> But given the advancements that people have openly put into making
> their Fluxx Blanxx look professional, with cardstock and laser
> printers and laminations, I'm sure it would be some form of suicide to
> print out an entire blank deck with tuckbox, and give the public the
> right to resell their product unbeknownst to them.
> They couldn't keep track of all the unbalanced and politically
> incorrect cards and decks that would be flying around. Deck version
> "ZedZed9 Plural Zed Alpha" for instance. (aka: the Geek Deck). I don't
> even want to get into what number version the Adult deck would be!
> My thoughts. ;)
> Always the Devil's Advocate,
> -Steve
> On 5/12/06, Pat wrote:
> > A blank deck WOULD be cool. I would buy a few and make some nifty decks.
> > It's just a lot less work than getting all the blanxx and it'd be even
> > handier to have a tuckbox to go with it...something that says _________
> > FLUXX where you get to fill in the blank.
> >
> > Just throwing my two cents in.
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