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  • DateSat, 13 May 2006 4:37:08 -0700

No, I mean a small celophane packet containing about five or six blanks of each kind of Fluxx card for making custom cards. The pack is called Fluxx Blanxx and is purchased separately from the original Fluxx deck, which has no blank cards included.

I bought both my Fluxx deck and the Fluxx Blanxx in 2001 or 2002, after being introduced to the game at a writers' conference in Seattle.
Elise Dee Beraru

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> When you say "pack" did you mean "box"? As in "a box of packs"?
> -Michael-
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> I bought a pack of Fluxx Blanxx when I bought my Fluxx game originally, even though I didn't have any customization ideas yet, because it was hard enough to find a store that carried them at all. The first blank I used on the Borders Bonus, which I printed on label stock and stuck on a blank Rule Card.

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