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Re: Quantum Fluxx as Origins (was Re: [Fluxx] mega-flux)

  • From"Carol Townsend" <carol.townsend@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 26 Jun 2007 10:14:01 -0500
Ahh...sorry, yes... there was another question I needed to answer - thanks Karen for the ping on this.

The 7 card Party Promo Pack (I think that's the official name) is going to be debuting at Origins.  It will be available free with any purchase.  After that, they will be available, like the rest of the promo cards, online.  I believe the price is $2.

And I know that Andy will have at least one copy of ZombieFluxx available for playtesting at Origins - we are working on getting the game out for that perfect-holiday-for-ZombieFluxx-playing: All Hallow's Eve.  More info at Origins - and then at Wunderland.  Heh....

If I didn't answer the questions this time, ping me again - my brain is being eaten by Origins....  :)


On 6/26/07, K F <kkrflint@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Oh yes do tell...we that drive our friend nuts collecting and intagrating all things Fluxx need a new promo card fix. 
Speaking of that anything new on Zombie Fluxx?

"Frank F. Smith" <FrankSmith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Carol Townsend wrote:
> In that case, what about the 7 card pack that will be on sale at
> Origins? Should I add that in? They are technically "promo" cards....
Sure -- it's an excellent marketing opportunity for the 7 card pack.
("Oh, look! One of the cards newly available this weekend!")

(and OT but I'm curious -- is that an "Origins Only" item, at least for
now, or "released at Origins". Any details available?)

Frank F. Smith

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