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Re: [Fluxx] Renaming Martian Fluxx?

  • FromAllen Firstenberg <ll@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 04 Mar 2008 08:15:18 -0500
On Mon, Mar 03, 2008 at 05:31:09PM -0600, James Hazelton wrote:
> Hmm, could we all agree that *if* they went with "Invasion," it should be
> without the colon?

You might get me to buy it, but you won't get me to agree to this
name. {:

Not that it would be too difficult to get me to buy it no matter the
name...  nor that I really have much of a say in the name itself.  But
let me outline why I suggested "Fluxx: Alien Invasion" and my thoughts
about some of the other naming approaches.

As I said at first - I think having "Alien" in there is important.
Sure, the artwork will make that clear.  But a catalog listing or
other text listing of games for sale won't.  "Alien Invasion" packs
the punch that will draw a segment of people in to take a closer look,
even if they have never seen Fluxx before.

Moving "Fluxx" from its usual spot at the end of the name is radical,
I'll admit, but not unprecidented.  I think its more correct in this
case.  In most other variants of Fluxx, what comes first is something
that I would describe as an adjective - the word is often used as a
modifier of something else.  "Family friendly" "Eco aware" "Zombie
invasion".  But "Invasion" is usually more used as a verb - "Normandy
Invasion" or if its used first, you usually see an "of" in there
"Invasion of Normandy".

For the same reason, I think the colon is appropriate.  Fluxx isn't
being invaded, its Fluxx about an invasion.  I think the colon also
works in a very sci-fi movie kind of way, although I'll readily admit
that I don't have a good examples.

I generally agree with those who said "no more than 2 words", although
I think "Fluxx: Alien Invasion" isn't too long and offers some nice
opportunities for cover and promo art.  While I think the various
plays on movie names are fun, I'm not sure they really work.  They
will draw in people who "get" the reference, but only confuse people
who don't.  While I think "F:AI" draws in most of those people as well
as people who generically are tuned to sci-fi.

I think the comment somewhere back there about how it was too much
like "Magic: The Gathering" is an interesting point.  I think there is
enough of a difference, personally, but wonder how many other games
use colons for whatever purpose.  Perhaps the flow of how it sounds
when I say both outloud is part of what appealed to me, and might
appeal to others.

Now... I'm not in advertising.  I'm not really that much of a gamer.
I'm not an English major, so I may have messed up that part of my
explanation.  I'm probably not even anywhere near the biggest sci-fi
fan on this list.  I'm just a big fan of Fluxx - and that's pretty
much been my thinking about the name.

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