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[Fluxx] Alien Invasion Fluxx

  • FromAndy Looney <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 04 Mar 2008 11:54:14 -0500
Thanks for all the great input, folks!

"And that new one?  What kind of Fluxx is it?"
"Alien Invasion Fluxx!  We get to take over the world from the Pathetic
Humans!  Mwahahahaha!"

Actually, I like that one a lot... I hear what folks have been saying about not using more than 2 words, but there's also a lot of support for some sort of lack of consistency (like making it Fluxx: Whatever) and while neither Alien Fluxx nor Invasion Fluxx quite convey the full idea, Alien Invasion Fluxx does so quite well. Hmmm...

> Can this version mark a re-release of the "Government Coverup" and
> related cards? I can't honestly say it was my favorite part of the
> game, but I think it would add an interesting aspect.

Sorry Allen, I have to agree with Zarf here:

It wasn't my favorite either; in fact, I thought it was annoying and
not-fun. "It fits the theme" is a lousy reason to add such a thing back

We dumped those cards because they just aren't as much fun as they seem like they should be, and I'm not interested in bringing them back.

However, there is one old mechanic I'm currently playtesting for return: remember the Eye Bonus? (It was only in the very first edition.) I'm reviving that concept with the Telepathic Translator, a Keeper which allows you to look at another player's hand once per turn. Plus there will also now be a way to counter this power -- if you have the Aluminum Foil Hat Keeper, your opponent cannot use the Telepathic Translator against you!

-- Andy Looney

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