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Re: [Fluxx] What do you have in your Purple Bag?

  • From"Julie" <jdoble01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 8 Oct 2009 08:32:41 -0400
the 5 X 5 board measure 8 inches by 8 inches. yes and i even forgot some games last night. I forgot about Zendo, homeworlds, klunker, and Just deserts beta!! lol I really need a large looney bag like the ones tht hold a 6 pack plus lunch! for all my looney games. I also have another case that i keep ten MTG decks in with couters and dice.

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Wow, that's an impressive array of games. Just out of curiosity, what are the dimensions of the 5 X 5 Volcano Board? When I get my other Treehouse stashes I
may consider getting one.



* Julie <jdoble01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2009-10-07 18:20:52-0400]
the purple bag and the black looney bag i need two to carry it all!!

1. original fluxx
2. christain fluxx
3. jewish fluxx
4. japanese fluxx
5. german fluxx
6. spanish fluxx
7. zombie fluxx
8. monty python fluxx
9. martian fluxx
10. early american chrononauts
11. chrononauts
12 identies card and promos
13. nano fictionary
14. cosmic coasters
15. martian coasters
16. Q-turn
17. world war 5
18. 3 X 4 volcano board
19. 5 X 5 vol board
20. 6 X 6 vol board
21. complete sets of all color pyramids.
22. xeno tree house
23. rainbow treehouse
24. pink treehouse
25. Aquarius
26. are you a traitor?
27. are you a werewolf?
28. a deck of card with Zarcana stickers on them
29. brocures for stoner fluxx, looney lab games, and looney business cards.
30. stoner fluxx
31. checkerboard bandana
32. and printout from the alternitive games pages.

phew it alot, i wish they made a bigger bag with the logo on it so i could
have it all in one bag!! have fun!! play looney games!!

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>I'm a newcomer to Looney Labs stuff having been introduced to Fluxx by >the
>of the RPG group I play in.  I stumbled on Andy's article "Ode to my
>Bag" [1] and thought it was a great idea so I bought one of the bags >from
>Looney Labs store. Now, I'm working out what exactly I want to have in >it
>I think I have it mostly figure out.
>Here is what I have:
>3 Tree House Sets
>Original Fluxx
>Zombie Fluxx
>Munchkin w/ the Clerical Errors Expansion
>Standard Deck of Playing Cards
>Chessboard (printed on card stock, cut into quadrants, and laminated)
>Martian Coasters
>Werewolves Cards [2]
>Two of my favorite Magic the Gathering decks
>A full set of Polyhedral Dice
>6 extra d6 for World War 5
>Printed out World War 5 Board
>1 extra d20 for the other Magic Player
>Mechanical Pencil
>Small pad of paper
>TwinWin Goal Cards and Board (on card stock)
>Reference Rule Printout for:
>World War 5
>Martian Chess
>Binary Homeworlds
>I've taken pains to make everything as small as I can and if thinks work
>out I
>should have enough room for (eventually):
>2 more Treehouse sets
>1 Grey Pyramid Stash
>3 House rule book (so I can get Black ICE Rules)
>Cosmic Coasters
>Playing with Pyramids
>I'm basically posting this to get your opinions on how to improve the >bag
>contents.  I just love the idea of a grab and go gaming bag.  The kids
>like to
>take it to restaurants and other places so we have something to pass the
>while we wait for our food.
>BTW, I have to thank Elliott Evans for the Making Custom Card Boxes [3]
>on his site.  Without that there would be no way I'd ever get all these
>in there.
> 1. http://www.wunderland.com/LooneyLabs/PurpleBag/Ode.html
> 2. http://www.ee0r.com/proj/werecard.html
> 3. http://www.ee0r.com/boxes/index.html
>Thanks for indulging my ramblings. ;)
>-- >Brian Reichert
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>one of them.
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