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Re: [Fluxx] What do you have in your Purple Bag?

  • FromElliott C. Evans <eeyore@xxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 08 Oct 2009 16:07:19 EDT
Brian Reichert wrote:
> > I have a design for new-style boxes, too. I should get off my butt
> > and make instructions for it.
> I'll keep an eye out for it.  How were you thinking of improving them
> out of curiosity?

Sorry, that wasn't very clear of me.

By "new-style" I meant the new style of Looney boxes, like the kind of
boxes all the Looney Labs card games are being packaged in now. You 
know, the two-piece double-wide boxes.

Don't worry, the old boxes won't go away, but I wanted to add this new
option for people who want all their games in matching new size boxes.

Elliott C. Evans