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Re: [Fluxx] What do you have in your Purple Bag?

  • FromElliott C. Evans <eeyore@xxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 08 Oct 2009 11:50:30 EDT
Brian Reichert wrote:
> No problem.  Thanks for the info.  Now that I know the 5 x 5 board fits
> in "the bag" I may eventually get one (or put it on my Holiday gift list).

...or make one.


Hmm. I just realized the "easy" version will be somewhat more difficult if
LLabs stops selling pyramids in tubes.

> BTW, I have to thank Elliott Evans for the Making Custom Card Boxes [3]
> article on his site.  Without that there would be no way I'd ever get
> all these things in there.

You're welcome!

I have a design for new-style boxes, too. I should get off my butt and
make instructions for it.

Elliott C. Evans