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Re: [Icehouse] posting the Black ICE rules?

  • FromSimon Budig <simon@xxxxxxxx>
  • DateSat, 21 Jul 2007 19:55:06 +0200
Andy Looney (andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> Hey everyone! I've been getting questions about when I'll be posting the 
> rules for my new game Black ICE online. Well, unfortunately, I'm not 
> planning to do so for awhile. I expect I will someday, but for now I'd 
> rather keep the rules off the internet so that people have a reason to buy 
> 3HOUSE. It's only 3 bucks and I'm really proud of it...

Carl Worth taught me Black ICE two days ago and I now feel stupid for
ordering just one treehouse dice in my last order (I already own lots
of pyramids, but all bought as "old style" stashes).

Since I am not really enthusiastic to pay about 9$ of shipping to europe
for 2$ worth of goods - does anybody have a good idea on where to get
two dices for small money, shipped to germany?

/me could kick himself for not just playing safe with his last order, a
week ago...

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