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  • FromDennis Duquette <dennisdduquette@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 22 Aug 2007 06:42:53 -0700 (PDT)
--- Don Sheldon <don.sheldon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Like (I suspect) many people, I have considered this in
> the abstract
> and I think it would make an awesome poster graphic. 
> Especially if we
> came up with wacky species-esqe names for all 204 states.
>  There are a
> couple obvious ones like Tree, Nest, Starting House
> (Home?) but that
> leaves awesome potential for the other 201.

Off the top of my head, the species names for four
configurations, all with the small on the medium near a
large flat, looking like a banker Homeworlds opponent to
your side.

Muckworm - large is on right, pointing right
Miser - large is on left, pointing right
Churl - large is on left, pointing left
Curmudgeon - large is on right, pointing left

Dennis D Duquette


All numbers are equal.

Choose arbitrary a and b, and let t = a + b.
(a + b)(a - b) = t(a - b)
a^2 - b^2 = ta - tb
a^2 - ta = b^2 - tb
a^2 - ta + (t^2)/4 = b^2 - tb + (t^2)/4
(a - t/2)^2 = (b - t/2)^2
a - t/2 = b - t/2
a = b

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