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Re: [Icehouse] Marking Martian Coasters as Xeno

  • FromDennis Duquette <dennisdduquette@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 4 Oct 2007 10:08:30 -0700 (PDT)
--- Christopher Hickman <tophu@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Um, do you not realize that the arrows are color-coded to
> the Xeno spectrum?  You don't need to do anything, just
> look at the arrow colors instead of the square colors.
> If you mean that you need some way to mark a second set
> of coasters to say "Hey, these ones are Xeno coasters,
> ignore the square colors!" then Just get a fat sharpie
> and black in the border around the whole coaster.

I read the original post this way, too, at first. Then I
realized we're discussing doubled coasters in a large game
board where both rainbow and xeno are being used.

I would feel strange permanently marking an additional set
of martian coasters with a sharpie - I have D&D books that
are older than my wife that still look nearly new. When
trying a game that used two sets of coasters, I would use
sticky notes while learning and judging the game.

Now, if a really great game required more than one coaster
set, I would prefer using the arrow colors as David
suggested, but I do not think I would care for the
aesthetics of the X. I like the idea of suits for the
coasters: drawing a small icon on each corner square with
the dot. The black and red coasters would get the suits
from traditional playing cards, then we'd use six more
suits for the other three colors.

Here's a mapping I whipped up:

Symbol	Meaning	Coaster Square Color
Club	War 	Black
Spade	Death 	Black
Glyph	Peace 	Blue
Z	Sleep 	Blue
Clock	Time 	Green
Rocket	Rocket 	Green
Diamond	Money 	Red
Heart	Love 	Red
Circle	Sun 	Yellow
Crescent	Moon 	Yellow

That's my $0.02. What do you think?

Dennis D Duquette


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