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RE: [Icehouse] Marking Martian Coasters as Xeno

  • From"Bob Winans" <rwinans@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 4 Oct 2007 13:58:20 -0400

As for ruining the MC for a dual rainbow set.... put the sticker on the back
of the coaster.

I have made my own TWIN WIN coaster using a similar process.

As for "how easy it is to make your own", it's not all that easy.

You would need a set of MC to see which direction/s you are able to move
from each square.

It would be much easier, and look much better, to buy a set from your FLGS
or directly from LL.

If you don't want to "ruin" a rainbow set of coasters, here is another (and
easier) idea.
Get some label paper.
Color sections of the label paper with sharpie markers of the correct Xeno
Using a hole-punch, punch out 9 little circles from the label paper.
In the center of each square, apply the correctly colored circle.

Now you can see them even if several squares are covered.
They are not intrusive. I.E. you can still use them as a rainbow set.
They are removable, if you ever choose to do so.


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> From: Dennis Duquette <dennisdduquette@xxxxxxxxx>
> suggested, but I do not think I would care for the
> aesthetics of the X. I like the idea of suits for the
> coasters: drawing a small icon on each corner square with
> the dot. The black and red coasters would get the suits
> That's my $0.02. What do you think?

Another strong idea, to be sure. I am not sure, though, what the suits
get you that marking just to show "look at the arrows" doesn't? In fact,
it seems there's a new issue introduced by these suits: remember which
suit is Xeno and which is Rainbow; I'd rather just use a binary marking,
myself (i.e. X marks Xeno; no mark means Rainbow).

And there's another issue, I just realized: what if, say, a Black Large
is on that designation square (or even a Blue Large)? Anything which
requires me to pick up pieces to check the coaster is not ideal, in my
opinion. (The arrows are already tricky enough, when a Large is on a
square). That's why my "background X" idea is (my personal) current
favorite: it's never covered, it doesn't intersect smaller details (the
arrows), and it's a direct symbolic associations: X = Xeno.

OOOPS! Yes it does impact a small detail: the corner dot. OK, I'd stop
short of a full corner-to-corner line, either for just that particular
corner (thereby highlighting it, incidentally) or for every corner, not
drawing it past any of the outermost corner squares (for consistency).

See what I mean, folks? For me, this is a really tough decision (hence
the reason I routinely beg for a Xeno print run--oops, I did it again)!

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