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[Icehouse] Marking Martian Coasters as Xeno

  • FromDavid Artman <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 04 Oct 2007 09:18:18 -0700
As I am bored today (well, procrastinating and taking frequent breaks),
I thought I'd broach a topic we've never discussed (I don't think): how
to mark Martian Coasters (MCs) so that they are clearly associated with
the Xeno Treehouse spectrum. This will become very relevant, I suspect,
if the IGDC has MCs as a design requirement--even if not, there's
already at least four games that are extensible to upwards of 8 (or 10)
players where pyramid and coaster color are relevant.

I am basically seeking a sort of poll/discussion about the "best" way to
mark them: as obvious as possible without obfuscating the key coaster
elements (arrows and squares).

My Idea: I am thinking of using a Sharpie to make an X across the entire
coaster, corner to corner, but drawn as if BEHIND the squares (it won't
intersect any arrows). Thus, only the white portions of the coasters
would show the X, but (I think) it will be glaringly obvious to spot
this X and associate it with Xeno and, thus, focus on the arrow colors
instead of the square colors.

This idea is a derivative of my first idea: to make a thick X on just
the center square and in each corner of the coaster.