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RE: [Icehouse] CRP Ranking: Can It Skip Ranks?

  • FromJoseph Pate <jpate@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 7 Feb 2008 13:27:50 -0800 (PST)
If it helps, here's an "outside" opinion -- meaning, I'm neither a 
game submitter nor do I have time to be a judge in this contest.

If there is a rule about valid ballots, it must be followed, or 
the rule should be removed.  Sounds like there is (but I haven't 
read them and therefore can't comment on how "close" this ballot 
is to satifying those rules)

In this particular case, if this is what the judge wants to say, they
need to resubmit their ballot appropriately.
a)  If ties are allowed:
    1) AAA
    2) BBB
    3) DDD, EEE, FFF, GGG, HHH
    4) CCC
    The difference between rank "4" and rank "8" is trivial, as others
    have pointed out.  It's the order that matters.
b)  If ties are not allowed:
    1) AAA
    2) BBB
    3-7) DDD EEE FFF GGG HHH in some order
    8) CCC
    In this case, for ranks 3-7, the judge needs to generate some order.
    Any method can be used.  Favorite game name.  Alpha order of the first
    word(s) in the rules.  Dice roll.  Drawing from a hat.  If the judge 
    truly doesn't care whether about those other 5 games, then the order
    won't matter and this whole issue can be quickly resolved.  If their
    arbitrary 3rd choice (say, FFF) turns out to be popular with other 
    judges and gets the overall 'win' due to this judge ranking it 3rd 
    instead of 7th, so be it.  This judge shouldn't care... but if they do,
    they'd better rank FFF low as well.
In summary, the judge should just follow the rules, and it should not 
cost them significant additional effort to do so.


> David Artman writes:
>  > > From: Doug Orleans <dougorleans@xxxxxxxxx>
>  > > I don't think it's a good idea to change the rules after a bunch of
>  > > people have voted.  But if so, you should announce that and let people
>  > > re-vote with the new rules if they want to.
>  > 
>  > I'm not changing the rules; I am trying to properly interpret a judge's
>  > clear, ranked ballot. While we've been discussing this, the judge HAS
>  > confirmed that this was intended:
>  > 1) AAA
>  > 2) BBB
>  > 8 (yes, eight)) CCC
> That is not a valid ballot by the rules.
> --dougorleans@xxxxxxxxx
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