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I prefer the way they did it years ago one big clear box withall the colors. Granted there was not as many colors then but you could play every game except the ones needing tarot cards or a chessboard. Most folks have a chessboard. Little tubes are fine when you want to expand but you need a set of the base game. Before you say it I don't consider 3house or treehouse or whatever you want to call it the base game. Not enough of those pieces we have come to love.


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Timothy Hunt writes:
>Looney Labs and Retailers like the current packaging model because it
>sells, whereas Icehouse stashed didn't.  Who are they selling to, if
>not to "end users"?

Indeed.  More particularly, as an end user (and one who's bought a lot
of extras stashes over the years), I like the new packaging -- it
makes it more likely that the games and game system and company will
stay alive, which is the main thing.

>If someone said "Hey, I'm designing a game that uses chess pieces",
>and then proceeded to make a game that required the use of 10 queens,
>you wouldn't complain at people who made chess pieces, you'd suggest
>that the game designer might want to reconsider his design.

Yep.  There's a reason 3-house exists -- because new packaging = new
design philosophy around existing packaging.

> I have an (almost) full collection (don't have Pink Treehouse yet),
>and I could only just manage the 2 opaque stashes requirement.  I'm
>likely an exception, and I largely did it for the pretty.  My Xeno
>pieces rarely see the light of day, and for the vast majority of games
>require "5-house" at most.

I could handle 3 opaques, and have a -lot- of spare stashes.  (And
yes, every color).  I'm not usual, though.

>the table, because even people who are "maxed out" (5-house) on either
>rainbow or xeno are unlikely to buy another full 5-house ($60 retail),
>just so they can play one more game.

True. OTOH, grey is still available, so 5-house+Grey would play this,
as mentioned.

Also, MegaVolcano (MEGA VOLCANO!) playes with 8 stashes; this is far
from the only game with extreme requirements.

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