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Re: [Icehouse] IGDC initial design for feedback

  • FromSam Zitin <sammyz@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 19 Mar 2009 23:07:55 -0400
Wow...lots of stuff to respond to!  I guess I'll try to break it down.
 I do find the discussion of Piece requirements quite relevant, but
certainly not discussion of how pieces are sold (that has been hashed
out well enough recently).

1.  I had originally envisioned this as being playable by people who
had 5 Treehouse sets and a Grey stash.  I can certainly see now that
this might not be the case for everyone and am brainstorming a
possible solution.  Certainly utilizing the medium opaques as well as
"minor veins" might be a possibility, and might even add to the
strategy potential.

2.  I am also beginning to think that the overall dynamic right now
might be too heavily geared towards pure randomness.  I had intended
in my initial thinking for the game to have somewhat of a memory
component.  I am now considering that maybe the game should be played
with a smaller number of veins total (perhaps 5 in static positions or
something like that) and that keeping track of what pieces have been
mined already and thus what might be available becomes a component..I
don't know, still working on that.

3.  For David's procedural question, yes you would be able to look at
a vein if you are loaded down, you just wouldn't be able to mine
anything else until you drop diamonds.

I appreciate the feedback so far!  I do believe that it is good advice
to strive to achieve a design that can be played with a 5house set so
that might become a goal now.  If anybody else has any comments on the
gameplay so far I would love to continue to hear them.

Thanks all!

On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 1:23 PM,  <karlvonl@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Joshua Kronengold writes:
>>Also, MegaVolcano (MEGA VOLCANO!) playes with 8 stashes; this is far
>>from the only game with extreme requirements.
> Yeah, but Mega Volcano exists not because the design of Volcano by its very nature requires so many colors, but because they thought it would be a neat idea to expand Volcano to use all of the colors that existed at the time (9). Now that there are 12 colors in existence, you could expand it to a 7x7 board and call it "Giga Volcano". But that wouldn't mean that the core concept of Volcano requires so many colors.
> I would guess that most viable Icehouse game concepts can be implemented with 5 mono stashes, and that most games that require an extreme number of colors were designed specifically to take advantage of the designer's extensive collection.
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