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Re: [Icehouse] IGDC initial design for feedback

  • FromSam Zitin <sammyz@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 20 Mar 2009 10:11:33 -0400
Sounds good to me, I'm taking all this to heart and appreciate the
feedback.  I have no issues holding back till April 1, I just wanted
to prevent the procrastinator in me from taking over (:

Incidentally, I am now thinking that being playable with 5house would
be a boon to the design overall so I am brainstorming some ways to
make that happen.  Thanks so much!

2009/3/20 David Artman <david.artman@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Sam, what about the third term? I only see High(est) and Diamond. Just
> asking--it would hurt your design's competitiveness further if you only used
> two terms.
> Think about Team opportunity. You want a memory component? Suppose someone
> can't show anyone else what's in a vein (other than what they mine, of
> course); but they can *announce* what's there. That gets you both memory (me
> and my team mate) AND a potential for bluffing (i.e. if I want to draw an
> opposing team member off a vein toward which she's heading, I could bluff by
> announcing, "Ooo! Both High value diamonds--I'll get the medium, Bob; get
> over here for the small!" and then hope that Anne or Clarise try for it
> first (i.e. if closer and if it's actually not High).
> Eh. Maybe. Might really only work once. But if you only use two colors and
> the High value color, you get some push-pull--do I go for my own color (2x)
> or do I deny the opposing team their own color? Nah... you want all four:
> one that's worth 1x to both teams (neutral), one each that's 2x for a given
> team but 1x for the opposing team (matched), and one that's High value for
> either (3x).
> Keep another thing in mind: if you make a "tree-nest" of (bottom to top)
> large, small, medium, capped with a large opaque, then you have some
> "exposed" info (the bottom fringe of the large) AND you use more large
> pieces (meaning more trips to the veins) AND the loading of a large diamond
> would "fully load" a miner, forcing more of the memory/bluff game (i.e. one
> has TWO remaining pieces to memorize or with which to bluff). Further, maybe
> you could get rid of the extra Gray stash and do it with only the five
> Black/White opaques in 5HOUSE? That puts 15 pieces out to be mined by four
> players, on (say) a Volcano board (25, 5x5, squares). Hmmm... I'm thinking
> this too much.
> AND... here's why sometimes it's not so good to have some folks "outed" with
> their designs while others are not: lots of refinement feedback for some and
> not others. Kinda skews the comp. Not a big deal (the point is good games,
> not "winning"), but this is why I'd like to enforce a Hush Period until
> April 1st.
> Ponder the above, Sam--playtest, playtest, playtest--and other folks try to
> get your basic ideas nailed down in the next two-weeks-ish, and we can have
> a huge brainstorm-fest from the 1st to the 17th.
> Fair enough, folks?
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