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Re: [Rabbits] List problem

  • FromRussell Grieshop <grieshop@xxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 08 Jun 2005 13:08:46 -0400
At 11:07 AM 6/8/05, you wrote:
>This new list system is really causing problems for me.  I am trying to hang on to an email address that is on every spam list in the world.  The easy way I can keep from being overloaded is that I don't allow in ANY email that is not from a known person.  The old list used to make all mail appear as if it came from the server so I only had to have one email address to get all Rabbit mail.  The new server is sending the emails to me as if they come from each individual so I am having to add EVERYONE to my address book.  I don't want to do this... and will probably just unsubscribe from the list unless you guys can fix this. 

Hey everybody...

Sorry about these problems - Joelle - I suspect this can be resolved for you by looking at how your filters work right now - as has been suggested, it might work for you if you update the "To" field in your filter...

But -

I think the emails are supposed to look like they come from the list - and I think that is maybe just a quick configuration issue on the list. I was trying to poke around and find out where the problem is - but haven't found the field yet. I'll keep looking, but if we can just be patient a bit, I know we'll resolve this.

This transition will end up being really good for all of us - the quantity of spam, and the work it takes to keep these lists spam free is just tremendous - so moving to the new list server will help us a lot. It is probably just a minor tweak, and please know we're trying to get this working right as we speak.


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