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  • FromFred Poutre <cloven-fruit@xxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 2 Mar 2006 18:22:53 -0700
Naga: woman/snake
Classical chimera sea-horses would be horse/fish, also called a hippocampus.
There was also a sea-dog in classical middle ages tales.
Fairy could be insect or butterfly/man
Angel: bird/man
Demon: bat/man
Another for horse/bird would be Hippogriff.
Cocktrice: chicken (or bird)/snake
Canocephalus: dog/man (dog headed men)
Capricorn: fish/goat
Unicorn: goat/horse
Bucentaur: ox/man
Onocentaur: donkey/man
Allocamelus: donkey/camel (head of donkey on camel)
Amphiptere: bird/snake (winged serpent)
Cockfish: chicken/fish (head of chicken, tale of fish)
Peryton: bird/deer

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