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  • FromPaul & Anne Wittine <coachpaul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateFri, 03 Mar 2006 12:49:23 -0500
Here are some ideas that I came up with that you might use if you so

Change "Basilisk" from Snake/Rooster to Snake/Bird, since you have no other
Rooster goal.  Add the Keeper "Twins", then change the "Gemini" goal to
Twins/Star, this has the added attraction of making all of the Zodiac Goals
use "Star", and add a "Rome" Goal, which is Twins(Romulus and Remus)/Wolf.

Special Rule/Action "HERO" As a Special Rule "Hero" it is placed near the
Goal pile, and has the effect of nullifying any Gorgon type goal.  I would
consider all non-Zodiac goals from the emails below as Gorgon type goals.
Hero also has an alternative use as an Action in which the player of the
Hero card, may remove any one card from the Special Discard pile (see
Pandora's Box below for more on the Special Discard pile) and play it at

Also a couple of Actions.

PANDORA'S BOX  When this card is played, everyone must place all of their
hands and their keepers into a Special Discard" pile, along with all "New
Rules" currently in play.  The phasing players turn is then over and the
person to his/her left starts their turn by following the "Basic Rules".
All cards it the "Special Discard" pile must remain there until the Draw
pile is emptied, at which time the Special Discard pile is reshuffled with
the Discard pile to form the new Draw pile.  The Special Discard pile may
never be gone through, nor may any cards be removed from it except with the
use of the Hero card.  Upon being played, PANDORA'S BOX is permanently
removed from play.  Hero is not considered a New Rule, but a special rule,
and as such does not get removed during this action.

SOLAR ECLIPSE  A special Action, that removes the Star card and places both
Solar Eclipse and Star into the Special Discard pile.

LUNAR ECLIPSE  (Bad Omens)An Action in which all Keepers and New Rules are
placed into the Discard Pile.

THE GODS ARE ANGRY  Place ALL cards except Basic Rules and this one into
the discard pile, reshuffle the deck, and play resumes with whoever the
person who played this card designates.  Put this card aside until the next
game begins.


At 09:46 AM 3/3/06 -0500, you wrote: 
Just have to make sure that each keeper is applicable towards more than one
Goal. So for something like the Scales from Libra, we could also introduce
"Justice = Woman/Scale"


On 3/3/06, Kyle Normandin
<<mailto:handofposyden@xxxxxxxxx>handofposyden@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I've changed it up to be more of a mythology list.
 Basilisk = Snake/Rooster
 Centaur = Horse/Man
 Chimaera = Lion/Fire
 Dragon = Snake/Fire
 Griffin = Lion/Eagle
 Harpie = Woman/Bird
 Mandrake = Man/Plant
 Medusa = Snake/Woman
 Mermaid = Woman/Fish
 Minotaur = Bull/Man
 Pegasus = Horse/Bird
 Phoenix = Bird/Fire
 Satyr = Goat/Man
 Sphinx = Lion/Man
 Werewolf = Wolf/Man
 and here's a list of the zodiac ( a great use for the star promo) 
 Aquarius = Water/Star
 Pisces = Fish/Star
Aries = Ram/Star
 Taurus = Bull/Star
 Gemeni = Man/Woman
 Cancer = Crab/Star
  Leo = Lion/Star
 Virgo = Woman/Star
 Libra = Scale/Star
 Scorpio = Scorpion/Star
 Sagittarius = Man/Star
 Capricorn = Goat/Star
 and here's a straight up list of the keepers involved in this


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