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[Rabbits] Treehouse, Just Deserts.

  • FromJoshua Kronengold <mneme@xxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 8 Aug 2006 10:14:26 -0500
I've noticed (while browsing at the NYC gaming store, The Complete
Strategist), that there's a minor problem with the Treehouse
packaging: It's too similar to Icehouse!

It's entirely possible for a store (or at least, its clerks;
presumably, this is less likely for their buyers) to think that
Treehouse is, rather than an entirely new stand alone game, just more
Icehouse tubes.  Which makes it far less likely that they'll position
it in a way that makes it likely that people will notice it as a new
game!  Sometime to keep in mind?

Also, I've read through the new Just Deserts rules, which seem a bit
complicated, but very solid.  Very much looking forward to trying this
one out; the scores and removal of the Favorite bonus are especially
heartening, since they go a good way toward restoring the imbalance
inherent in the original rules (so does allowing theft again, as that
provides a penalty for the easier guests).

On question:  Is it: 

1. Play through the deck, then turn over the discard pile and play
through the deck again normally?


2. Play through the deck, then shuffle the discard pile and go through it
without taking turns, the first to satisfy each guest taking it, if
anyone wants to?


3. Play through the deck, then shuffle the discard pile and go though
it normally...except that there isn't a discard pile any more; when a
guest is not satisfied, they leave the game permenantly?

I'm guessing it's #3, but it's not really clear from the rules, which
simply state:

  The Waiting Room: When no one can satisfy a Guest, the card goes face
  up into a discard pile of Guests which we call the Waiting
  Room. During a player's steal phase, they may choose to take the
  topmost Guest in the Waiting Room, in which case they don't have to
  pay anyone a Bribe card. When all the Guests are gone, the Waiting
  Room pile is shuffled and each Guest gets one final chance to find
  what they're looking for. (Only re-shuffle the Guest deck once...after
  they, they give up and go home.)
           ^ note typo!

So is there a waiting room the second time?

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