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Re: Re: [Rabbits] Treehouse, Just Deserts.

  • Fromgwen <gwenix@xxxxxxxxx>
  • DateMon, 14 Aug 2006 17:09:02 -0400
On 8/10/06, Superdairyboy <brian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

  Do people Like Treehouse? I do not. We feel the game has too much luck
(roll of the Dice) then Stragetgy. Most Ice house games are full of
stragetgy not the roll of a dice. So the Idea behind the game being a
cheap way to get people into Ice house we feel is wrong. It impllies that
Ice house games are games of luck and little stragetgy.

I really think that Treehouse is like the Fluxx of Icehouse games.
Given that Fluxx is very popular among many different kinds of folks,
I'm not sure that it's really a bad thing to break people into the
idea of using the pyramid pieces with something fun and simple like
this.  And I like Treehouse because it's just fun and simple.  But, if
it's not for you, that should be OK too.

ps. Please note that I use "simple" here in the usage of "easy and
approachable", not as in "dumb".