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[Rabbits] Treehouse Packaging

  • From"Christopher Hickman" <tophu@xxxxxxx>
  • DateTue, 8 Aug 2006 15:02:17 -0400
> I've noticed (while browsing at the NYC gaming store, The Complete
> Strategist), that there's a minor problem with the Treehouse
> packaging: It's too similar to Icehouse!
> It's entirely possible for a store (or at least, its clerks;
> presumably, this is less likely for their buyers) to think that
> Treehouse is, rather than an entirely new stand alone game, just more
> Icehouse tubes.  Which makes it far less likely that they'll position
> it in a way that makes it likely that people will notice it as a new
> game!  Sometime to keep in mind?

I thought about that, too.  For expanding markets, it might be worth it to
have packaging that really calls out the colorful pyramids in different
colors and sizes.  I was looking at the packaging for a cheap little simple
game called Toss Up by Patch Products (four bucks at Target) that consists
of ten dice.  They fit nicely in a fairly boring tiny plastic case for
portability, but the packaging boldly shows the colorful dice all about in
different orientations, making for a visually exciting display.


If Treehouse were packaged in a similar manner, such that the beginning
house formation is actually laid out under the plastic and two or so other
colors (or all!) are laid out under the plastic in various formations, it
would be MUCH more eye-catching and appropriate for large markets (like the
game end cap where Toss Up and Uno and Cinq-o sit at Target).

I know it would mean an investment to create such packaging, but I bet it
would pay dividends in increased sales, and since you'd want to include the
stash tube (to have the rules sticker and to hold the pyramids once the
package is opened, a mini catalog of Looney Labs products could be rolled up
inside. :)