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Re: Re: [Rabbits] Treehouse, Just Deserts.

  • FromKristin <kristin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateWed, 16 Aug 2006 07:57:10 -0400
On 8/10/06, Superdairyboy <brian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Do people Like Treehouse? I do not. We feel the game has too much luck
(roll of the Dice) then Stragetgy. Most Ice house games are full of
stragetgy not the roll of a dice. So the Idea behind the game being a
cheap way to get people into Ice house we feel is wrong. It impllies
that Ice house games are games of luck and little stragetgy.

Brian -

Have any of the answers you got to this post convinced you to give
Treehouse another chance?  You are one of a very small set of retailers
who were successful selling the pyramids in the old packaging style,
and I *am* sorry to have changed everything on you...  but please trust
me when I say the change is really REALLY good for retailers.

And it absolutely is working as a gateway that brings people in to
the pyramids and gets them hooked on all the other great games. The
book Playing with Pyramids has started selling through distribution
again - where previously it was just sitting there.

Check out what this guy Julian had to say in his blog about seeing
us again at GenCon this week:  http://www.gamerswithjobs.com/node/26394
He has now joined the Icehouse mailing list, and is devouring everything
he can find about the pyramids.  And it was Treehouse that got him to
finally stop and try the pyramids.  Once he had a copy of Treehouse in
his hand at the register, planning to spend $9 on this cool little
game - the upsell to the book and 4 more sets has never been easier.

--On August 14, 2006  gwen <gwenix@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I really think that Treehouse is like the Fluxx of Icehouse games.
Given that Fluxx is very popular among many different kinds of folks,
I'm not sure that it's really a bad thing to break people into the
idea of using the pyramid pieces with something fun and simple like
this.  And I like Treehouse because it's just fun and simple.

Thanks Gwen!  I've started using the line 'it's Fluxx for the pyramids'
more and more - particularly at conventions where I demo the game for
hours and hours and hours on end.   We've done big Treehouse promotions
at 3 conventions this year (GTS, Origins, and now GenCon) and have had
incredible reactions to the demos.  Just home from GenCon and I am now
more convinced than ever that Treehouse is a truly amazing new game.

--On August 10, 2006  Di <sudduthd@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I started out not liking Treehouse much, I thought the game was far too
simple to be challenging at all, and, like you, thought that luck was too
large a part of the game.  Then I went to Origins, volunteering to play
Treehouse to give out promo cards...

At Origins I, conservatively, played 200 games of Treehouse...

... You just might discover there is more to it than you originally
thought.  I know I did.

Thanks Di!  You were an awesome Treehouse Rabbit at Origins!  I'm so
glad it was so much fun for you!!!

Two more quotes for Brian about Treehouse... this time from fellow

Vicki Schneider / Infinite Quests / Blue Bell, PA

We ordered our first copies of Treehouse, shortly after returning
from GAMA. We have a demo copy of the game on our front table, and
customers from ages 10 and up have been challenging each other...
over and over again. The game is so deceptively simple to learn,
but can escalate into surprisingly strategic competition."

Diana Outwater / The Game Habitat /  Monterey, CA

We have been demoing Treehouse in our store.  It's great because
it only takes about five minutes to demo and sales off of that
five minute demo are quite good.  The biggest problem is that our
distributors are running out of Treehouse and the Playing with
Pyramids book.

Brian:  Please give Treehouse another chance in your store!  Start
doing demos for it, pretending that you like it, and see how it sells,
and if the game starts to grow on you...   (I hope to have an update
on Giant pyramids for you soon - and it's going to be packaged as
a Giant Treehouse set - with no monochrome options available.)

Rabbits everywhere:  Please seek out your local game store and pick
up a copy of Treehouse.  If they are not selling it yet, please ask
them to order you a copy, and email us their contact info so we can
give them a call.  It only costs $9 - and there is nothing better to
start getting new players hooked into the amazing world of Icehouse.

-Kristin (fresh off the GenCon oh my goodness this game is good high)