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Re: [Rabbits] speaking of conventions

  • From"Carol Townsend" <carol@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 30 Nov 2006 08:57:41 -0600
Hi folks,

I need to jump in here for a second and clarify a couple of things.

GAMA (who runs Origins) is the one who has supplied the free badges and lodging help based on the number of hours worked.  The "slot" that Black was talking about here is basically a slot in a hotel room - 1/4 of a room for 4 nights.  I know it's worked in the past - I've benefitted from it myself on more than one occasion.

Each con is different and has different ways to reward the people who run games for them.  One easy way is to "comp the badge" but I do know of cons where that free badge is for the next year's con. Some require a certain number of hours of games, others don't.  The moral of that story is to find out the details before you leave home.

What I don't know right now is what the specific requirements will be this year for Origins.  I need to talk to a few people at GAMA to get the details down, but I promise that when I know the details, I'll let y'all know them too.  Part of the job description, ya know.  :)

For Origins specific planning, we do have an "Origins Discussion List" which you can join - as it gets closer to the start of planning for that (i.e., after the rush of the holidays!) I'll ping this list with a "how to join that list" email.  Then we can really get to work on having fun!

Oh, and one last thought: Origins has had a "Teacher's Hall Pass" for the past few years: Teachers (of all sorts, varieties and school types) get in free for the weekend.  No promises that this will be the case again this year, (cuz I'm not the one who makes those decisions) but I'm pretty sure that will be the case again this year.

 - your friendly local Con Schnook

On 11/29/06, Steven R. Black II < srblack1167@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
If you run 16 hours of events, you get a free badge.
If you run 32 hours if events, you get a free badge and a 'slot'.
In the 4 years I've attended Origins I've "camped" twice, and 'slotted'
twice. I prefer having a shower of my own to use, but the bed was
optional - since I'm a AYaW late-night player. 2hrs sleep/night ave!