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Re: [Rabbits] speaking of conventions

  • From"Rev. Bob" <bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • DateThu, 30 Nov 2006 05:22:03 +0000
"Steven R. Black II" <srblack1167@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Origins is an easy con to go to as a Rabit. If you do lots of
> hours, you'll get free badges. Tons of hours will get you a 'slot'
> in the hotel connected to the convention.

Can you more closely define "lots" vs. "tons"?  For comparison, my local
cons are 48-hour events (Fri evening through Sun afternoon), and I
typically run 20-24 hours of gaming during that time...after which I
head home and die for a day or two, as the only real sleep I have in
that time is between about 5am-10am Saturday morning.  ;)  By Sunday
afternoon, I'm seeing vapor trails.

(Well, I hate to *miss* stuff!)